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Fragile. Jung-hwan’s father plays Samcheonpo, one of the Reply 1994 university students! Unless the groom wore man heels then I’m wrong lol. I’ve been following this drama for awhile now..can you tell I’m totally hooked?! She is from Yeosu, South Jeolla Province.

The clues are coming one by one, until, at the last episodes, the future husband candidates come down to two persons. In the episode where they were about to enter the wedding hall and everybody was watching the soccer match instead, we see Na Jung scold her husband about picking the wrong date. ❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Japan Mini Album "LOVEHOLIC" / NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. To the withered orchid, which was abadoned in a corner of a porch, belated water and fertilize are useless. Tonight is our night team chilbong!! Son Ho Joon (1984) Seong Dong Il (1964) Yoon Jong Hoon (1984) Yeon Joon Seok (1995) Lee Mi So (1988) ... Kim Jae Kyeong. He does this coughing noise and a little scratch to the side of this face.

We provide you with the latest Korean news. kimlees [1] [2] É estrelada por Go Ara, Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Sung-kyun, Son Ho-jun, Baro, Min Do-hee, Sung Dong-il e Lee Il-hwa. It maybe a convert signal.” (Sung Najung – ep 2), “There are some words you can’t say if you die. Kisah kedua drama ini berbeda, settingan tahunnya berbeda, walupun alurnya sama — alur maju-mundur. This time, Channel-Korea will give you a detailed review of the second series, Reply 1994, so stay tuned! By Grasya0000_ Di episode terakhir Reply 1994 ini akhirnya rasa penasaran identitas Kim Jae Joon akhirnya terungkap. The drama is also expected to update the character flow chart as the mysteries of Na Jung’s husband, Kim Jae Joon, and the untold stories portray the character developments. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The nickname Samchunpo has been given to him after his hometown, Samcheonpo, in South Gyeongsang Province. As evident in the above photos Na Jung & Trash oppa see eye to eye. Yes people the grooms parents.

and those still unprepared when I have to tell them the truth. Also in one of the 2013 scenes where player Kim Jae Hyeon appears on their wedding video and the boys are like wow hes so good looking blah blah blah. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. And just to put a stamp on it, a close-up of his nametag reads: Kim Jae-joon. ( Log Out /  Please try again in a few minutes. the girl who!, October 30, 2013 in shippers' paradise. When married couples have been together for a long time, they start to mimic each other.

In 1997, Na-jung and her parents Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa moved to Shinchon, Seoul. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Na-jung’s parents decide to rent their extra bedroom in their house to the six new students of Yonsei University, same as Na-jung, who are also coming from outside of Seoul. syntyche The love and friendship story among these youngsters slowly grow. The students are only known by their nicknames, they are Sseureki (which means Trash because he’s so filthy although he is a medical student), Chilbongi (number one pitcher of Yonsei University), Samchunpo (slow-thinking person), Haitai (referring to the baseball team Haitai Tigers), Binggeure (referring to the baseball team Binggrae Eagles), and Jo Yoon-jin. “Gift” and “Now”. Okay, forget I actually said that.-I’m hoping Jung Woo would have a cameo on Hospital Playlist Season 2 as Neurosurgeon Kim Jae-joon. . ❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Japan Mini Album "LOVEHOLIC" / NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. By picking the present and worrying about the card phrases, and while we put our thoughts and our heart in there, you realize how much that present means, again. A filthy medical student; in one scene he even used a mat to replace his towel. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

In the present, which is 2013, we have a woman in her 30s named Sung Na-jung, who has a husband with the name Kim Jae-joon. 1. Out of all the guys CHILBONG is tallest. Now if you watch the episodes closesly there is only ONE charachter who does this ALOT. oke. Each of the boys is a rich boy in their homeland. When you have to make someone you love listen to a truth, that’s really hard to accept.. when you have to say something that’s so deathly difficult, you have to think of any one thing. I’m glad I’m not the only one!! Through the unveiling of the character flow chart on its official homepage, tvN’s “Reply 1994” is raising curiosity about the identity of Go Ara’s character Sung Na Jung’s future husband. Later, we find out that her husband is actually, a former tenant in her house, back in 1997, and the audience can try and guess which one of the tenants will become Na-jung’s husband in the future. EVENT: Halloween - The Scariest Dramas and Movies! Trash is taller than Na Jung yes, but not as tall as the groom next to Na Jung. K-Drama Review: Let’s Travel Back in Time with the Drama ‘Reply 1994’! Learn More About the Sexy Mamamoo Member Hwasa! Tags: fanfiction answer me 1994 chilbong joon kim jae joon na jeong reply 1994 sung na jeong About dimsumofallthings Retired city girl transplanted to the heart of the American South, dimsumofallthings went from being one of a handful Asian girls in town to being the only Asian girl in town (or, at least, within the immediate twenty mile radius).

After the initial success of the first Reply series, another two series were produced, namely, Reply 1994 (2013), and Reply 1988 (2015). Started Monday at 02:07 AM, [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ. ✧ BinKyo | H2 ✧ Hyun Bin ♥ Song Hye Kyo ✧, [Upcoming Drama 2021] River Where the Moon Rises - Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo & Kang Ha Neul - Premieres first half of 2021, [Upcoming Drama 2021] Pachinko, 파친코 - Lee Min Ho, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami - on Apple TV+. 5. It was said by the ahjumma’s attending their wedding. Na Jung replies ” Geez, I don’t think much of him my husband is more handsome..” Chilbong does the throat clearing too and looks too pleased with himself hehehe. An easygoing girl who is majoring in Computer Engineering and a big fan of the basketball player Lee Sang-min. Lee Il-hwa really wants her only daughter to have a lover like her neighbor’s kid who also falls in love with a tenant of their house, and Sung Dong-il guesses who’s gonna be Na-jung’s husband among the five boys in the house. Tune in to find out what happens to our 1994ers! She stands around his shoulders making him a foot or two taller than her. Baro Talks About His Kiss With Jung Woo On “Reply 1994” On November 6, B1A4’s Baro appeared on MBC FM’s “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” as a special DJ and unveiled a behind the scenes story related to tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama, “Reply 1994.” This topic's posts are not available currently. Better than any well-crafted words. Out of all the guys only Chilbong responds to Na Jung as if to say “quickly get him out and I’ll do the rest”. The first series of Reply is Reply 1997 which aired in 2012, telling us about five girls who meet each other again at their high school reunion and revive their high school memories in 1997. We finally get the big reveal on Na Jung’s husband. One thing for sure all I want is a happy ending for all of them..especially for my dear Chilbong , Here are a few clues as to who Kim Jae Joon is. dan akhirnya nama suami Najeong terungkap di episode 4. tapi inti dari ceritanya sama-sama tentang cinta. Samchunpo is coming from a fisherman family which has big fish boats, Haitai is a son of inter-city transport bus businessman, and Binggeure is a son of a successful chicken farmer. Started January 5, 2015, By hehe Thank you very much for this! He was well known in his early days and as he ascends to represent Korea he’s a face that can’t be forgotten. Some slice of life themed dramas that have successfully stolen the hearts of viewers are Age of Youth, Because It’s The First Time, Fight For My Way, Dear My Friends, and the Reply series. Let’s be real there is no way Trash oppa could be famous UNLESS he won a world recognized award or a top neurosurgeon or something but Chilbong is a well known baseball player. Started Monday at 02:07 AM, [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ. Although I must admit I am a Chilbong/Na Jung shipper so I’ve obviously been digging up clues in his favour BUT I’ve also looked at all the candidates extensively. Same as the Reply 1997, viewers should be able to easily guess who is going to be the husband of the leading actress in the recent series. When i have to ecplain the hurt that I’ve caused. To the people I love, there are words that are very hard to say. Even Shi Won is flabbergasted when she sees him lol. The BIGGEST mystery in k-drama history..who the fudge is Kim Jae Joon?! His hometown is the same as Na-jung. The only girl who becomes a tenant in Na-jung’s house, and also a big fan of Seo Taiji and Boys.

A handsome and athletic freshman who has already become the number one pitcher of Yonsei University’s baseball team, and had a crush on Na-jung. sama seperti Repy 1997, penulis-sutradara Reply 1994 tetap bikan kita nunggu/menanti-nanti hingga akhir episode cerita akhirnya seperti apa (siapa yang bakal jadi suami Najeong. Not any aother long and long sentences, not any other good speech skills, but the eyes saying “I Love You”, those are more than enought.” (Trash – ep 4), “In this world. I also love the scene in episode 17 where Papa Sung meets Reply1997 Dad and they talk about their respective son in laws. Moreover, those thoughts and feelings will most definitely be delivered to the recipient.

because thats his mother in law of course and he’s the only one who knows how to work the coffee machine!! Rasanya jedeeer pas tahu siapa *no spoiler* Overall sih antara Reply 1997 dan Reply 1994 ada nilai lebihnya masing-masing dalam menghibur penonton. "Reply 1994" takes over the tvN Fri & Sat 20:50 time slot and will be replaced by " Emergency Man and Woman ”. Siapakah Suami Sung Najeong – Reply 1994?


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