luce movie analysis

Mentally ill, confined to a home, abandoned by the rest of the family. elevating. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Don’t miss our monthly updates with film news and exclusive content! Those names never come up in the movie, but much of the depth in “Luce” comes from everything that’s left unsaid. This film falls into the same perplexing predicament that so many such mazes fall into: to tell its story about humanity, it chooses to dehumanize. Those are the ingredients for a sympathetic character. It's been ten years since Amy and Peter Edgar (Naomi Watts and Tim Roth) adopted their son from war-torn Eritrea, and they thought the worst was behind them. But it’s very easy for a “saint” to be turned into a “monster”, and that is precisely what happens in the film, as an insignificant event makes Ms Wilson question not only Luce’s perfect school record, but also his intentions and, ultimately, his whole personality. Speaking to a school auditorium, he lavishes praise on parents and teachers, who surely love to hear it.

I recall numerous times in which Roger Ebert would complain about the limitations not only of the “Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down” system but also the four-star system for evaluating movies.

When Ms. Wilson approaches them, their parenting reveals itself as fleeting loyalty rather than unstoppable non-rational and irrational love. Why do humanizing films keep dehumanizing? Quick Luce Movie Walkthrough. Luce Edgar (played by Kelvin Harrison Jr. – known for his fantastic turn in It Comes at Night) is the walk-on-water, adopted child from Eritrea, who is perfect…in every way. The title character of “Luce” is introduced as a star student and first-rate apple polisher. How well do Luce’s parents know their son? (The film is pointedly set in Arlington, Va., a stone’s throw from Washington.).

Played by a flawless Octavia Spencer, Ms Wilson is one of the most fascinating characters in the film, and her relationship with Luce is part of what makes this movie so clever. Troubled by the call to violence, she inspects his locker, finding illegal fireworks. Perhaps, those stereotypes are the point.

I do not expect it will give me the answers I seek, and I do not know if it is because it is so smart or not smart enough. Luce is one of those well-written, excellently delivered, incredibly thought-provoking films you don’t come across very often. To say that this feature unfolds like a play is both accurate and undersells just how gorgeously it has been rendered for the screen.

The title character of “Luce” is introduced as a star student and first-rate apple polisher. Ms Wilson has very specific ideas on race and privilege in America, and these ideas are not up to debate. Or variations on the sexualized welfare queen—like Rosemary Wilson, who strips off all of her clothes in front of a crowd of students, in a mental breakdown, humiliated in a way reminiscent of Isabella Rossellini in “Blue Velvet.” Or pot smokers—like DeShaun Meeks. During Ben Affleck’s Academy Award winning “Argo” (2012), my jaw dropped for half the film: it purports to be sympathetic to the people of Iran, while depicting them as explosive swarthy zombies desiring nothing more than American blood and, of course, freedom. Rated R. Teenagers when school is out. Rosemary Wilson is Harriet’s sister. Ms. Wilson lives to nurture her students through her ideals about American life, especially regarding African-American students. Most of all, the perfect product of our society, and the kind of person who embodies all the qualities and character traits the “model” African American teenager should have. The Wachowskis' “Cloud Atlas” (2012) is a thing of beauty about the way love can grow between two disparate people, resisting the strictures of flesh or time. Luce is the story we didn’t know we needed. The assignment was to adopt the voice of a historical figure. #nospam.

He has given thousands of talks on Islam since 9/11. To her, Luce is a symbol, and, as long as his opinions and behaviour conform to her narrow-minded ideas, he will always be put on a pedestal. A viewer's understanding of Luce depends on whatever baggage, blind-spots, and preconceptions she has regarding the movie’s weighty topics, which … (Tim Roth plays Luce’s father.) Wilson’s bombshell discovery, pardon the pun, causes a rift in the Edgars’ marriage.

“The Wretched of the Earth” isn’t regular high school reading, after all, and if other students could write as Fidel Castro, why not Fanon? Regarding Luce, their parental dynamic mirrors the couple in Larry Cohen’s killer infant movie, “It’s Alive”—she refuses to think her kid might be evil even in the face of what may be incontrovertible proof; he is more than willing to take incriminating details at face value. “Luce” is somehow a film that is at the same time deep and shallow, depending upon my feelings toward each scene.

In that way, is this film something in the universe of mobster films, in which Michael Corleone tells a politician, “Senator, we’re both part of the same hypocrisy” or more recently, “Hustlers” in which Jennifer Lopez proclaims at the end about America, “It’s all a Strip Club. Which doesn’t mean his parents disregarded his origins: in fact, it was quite the opposite. Why must we limit ourselves to single opinions? It is a mystery for the parents trying to figure out how to parent. Sign up for CineMonth and get free movie-inspired recipes and more: you’ll only hear from us once a month. If the stereotypes are intentional, then why is the East Asian female character typically submissive in each of the relationships we explore through her, with nothing else to offer?

As I said above he’s a state debate champ, a runner, a fantastic student, he’s perfect…maybe even the black second coming. Luce Edgar, her star student, writes as Franz Fanon advocating violent revolution against colonizers. To say that it unfolds like a play is both accurate and undersells how gorgeously it has been rendered for the screen. ‘Luce’ Review: A Star Student Tests His Teacher’s Limits, From left, Octavia Spencer, Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Naomi Watts in “Luce.”.

Played to perfection by Kelvin Harrison Jr., our main character is a high school boy who appears to be burdened with many responsibilities, starting with his own name, which quite literally means “light”. Lee and Onah’s screenplay makes the narrative move forward in an unexpected yet incredibly natural way, and, as we quickly become attached to its extremely relatable characters, it makes us question everything we see while always keeping us entertained with the perfect dose of satire. At one level, the film is about the conflict between our ideals and our realities. August 19, 2019. And all the authority figures regard Luce as an exemplar student and athlete, someone to encourage and protect. We see the same problem in so many other films. Like it’s complex leading man, this is a film that can be hard to pin down. Then it proceeded as I feared it would: while asking its questions, it became a minstrel show. Julius Onah’s “Luce” focuses on a teenager (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) at an uppity Northern Virginia high school whose trillion-dollar Barack-Obama-smile provides the sugarcoating ornamenting his stellar grades and numerous athletic trophies, until he earns the skepticism of his teacher, Ms. Harriet Wilson (Octavia Spencer). Or magical—like Luce?

Actually, that is what you would expect. If his parents’ questionable (though involuntary) choices turned their son into a stereotype, Luce’s extremely opinionated history teacher brings these dynamics to a whole new level.


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