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Ares did not take her seriously and dismissed her both as an opponent and her attempts to calm things down.

Sie begibt sich zur Ausgabestelle, doch Pyro greift die Wartenden an. She refuses, arguing that it might kill him, but this only serves to gain his trust, and Wolverine touches her to transfer his power anyway. [95] However, apparently due to the scale of the energies she absorbed in the process, Rogue's powers have reverted to their original state, unable to touch anyone without absorbing them automatically, and she retains Wonder Man's psyche and powers. He was later killed by assassins sent by Gambit's ex-lover/wife, Belladonna Boudreaux, as part of a revenge plot against Rogue. Now invisible to cameras and all forms of detection equipment, the X-Men resettle to Australia, defeating the Reavers and claiming their base in the Outback as a new base of operations. He then sent her to the Savage Land to find Rogue and the two battled fiercely. Rogue grabbed Ares and absorbed his powers. Rogue's skills also depends on who she has recently absorbed. While recovering from Logan's mind, Rogue received a call from Emma Frost, who tried to kill Havok, mistakenly thinking Havok to be Cyclops.
[volume & issue needed], When she possessed Carol Danvers' psyche, her "dual" psyche made her highly resistant to telepathic probes, even those of Charles Xavier, which was said to have been a byproduct of two minds existing in one body and/or Carol Danvers' human/Kree physiology. She returns to Westchester, New York with Wolverine's team to start the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Beziehungen [67] Their first adventure took them to Counter-Earth to look for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Cody held no hard feelings against her, knowing what happened was an accident and urged her to move on before he departed for the afterlife. [42], Following the repulsion of the invasion, Rogue realized that Destiny's Prophecies were only possibilities and that trying to follow them was more dangerous than ignoring them. Every Super Power has a score (SPS) that is used to calculate the Class. Just as Rogue was on the verge of being drained completely, Magneto suddenly intervened and destroyed the Ms. Marvel persona, saving Rogue's life. Rogue fled from Carol as she battled the Reavers and absorbed the powers of the mutant, Gateway, in order to teleport herself to safety.
[20], After Madelyne went missing, the X-Men battled the Press Gang and Genoshan Magistrates, where Rogue and Wolverine were captured and taken to Genosha. However, since Rogue's abilities had evolved, she became aware of what was going on, destroying the fake reality and killing Remy by absorbing him. Binge-watch the final season of the hit cartoon, then head over to Marvel Unlimited to read the comics behind each episode! During an invasion of Khan (an alien conqueror from another dimension) of the island nation of Madripoor, Rogue requested that Sage use her power of jump-starting abilities to evolve Rogue to a point where she could control all of the various powers that she has ever imprinted. Rogue is then killed by the recently re-resurrected Grim Reaper, who had been revived once again by the Apocalypse Twins to be one of their four horsemen of death. Gambit claimed they would have parted much sooner if they were always able to touch, that Rogue would have been "just another one-night stand". Although they are severely weak, they fight against Lavish and the clones, restoring their memories and powers. [64], As the Infinity Watch arrived to help the Avengers fight the Chronos Corps, Havok and Sunfire confronted and ultimately defeated Kang, who was forced to flee along with his soldiers. Wolverine, after the battle and over Rogue's own objections, kissed her to transfer his healing powers to her. Rogue and the exiled Swarm managed to escape and bonded together in an effort to survive. [volume & issue needed], Chris Claremont said in June 2016 that had he not left Marvel in 1991, Mystique would have been Rogue's real mother. Rogue, still under Danvers influence, and Wolverine followed Phillip Moreau to the Mutates' camp, until they were attacked and the X-Men arrived to rescue them. The anthropologist was then targeted by a low flying Shi'ar spaceship and revealed that she was actually Danger in disguise. [volume & issue needed], Rogue has shown a fair knowledge of unarmed combat when in a position where she has to fight in situations where she cannot simply use her powers to knock her foe out. Rogue was traumatized by the experience, and Cody was left in a permanent coma. [112] Later, Kitty Pryde sends her on an undercover mission with her ex-boyfriend Gambit to the island Paraiso. Her power is proved to be lethal. She thought her power was a curse. Rogue is then sexually molested by her guards. [33], Rogue then traveled down south to save a young mutant girl from her powers. [12] In time, however, Mystique turned Rogue's loneliness, envy, bitterness, and despair into anger, thus recruiting her into the Brotherhood of Mutants. Born as Anna Marie, she also enjoyed the attentions of her Aunt Carrie, on her mother's side. [13], After Rogue's mutation emerges, Mystique begins coaxing Rogue into taking part in her terrorist activities as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Unable to do anything, she watches with horror as Bastion fatally impales Kurt with his arm. Fear the Mad Titan; he'll get you in a snap. Channeling Colossus's strength, further enhancing it with Betsy's telekinesis and using the individual claw sets of Logan and X-23 along with their healing factors, Rogue is able to inflict massive damage to Bastion. Dracula battles Captain America in RUINS OF RAVENCROFT: DRACULA #1, Namor & Amadeus Cho in ATLANTIS ATTACKS #1, and Rogue & Gambit in EXCALIBUR #6! Cable, desiring Rogue's help in defeating the Hecatomb, forced Rogue awake. Spiral wouldn't tell Gambit what she wanted stolen, but if he helped her, she promised to help Rogue with her powers and the couple's escape. Rogue taucht nur in der alternativen Schnittfassung des Films auf. Rogue asked them to leave, but they provoked a fight, and Gambit and Rogue (both powerless) fought them. Xandra explains that her powers have evolved, Rogue will have to learn to control it on her own, Gambit and Rogue return to Earth. During their flirtation, Rogue impulsively kissed Cody, at which point her latent mutant power to absorb the life energy and psyche of others with skin-to-skin contact emerged. She told him she had a nightmare, before spouting incoherent words and mysterious coordinates. [60][61][62][63][141] Uncanny X-Men #s 517 and 526[68][75] use the complete name of Anna Marie Rogue when describing her fighting against Predator 006 at Utopia and before a mission aboard the X-Jet to Alaska; X-Force #26[74] also does so, and "Secrets of the House of M" (2005)[142] states for Rogue's file the first name of "Anna Marie" and the last name of Darkholme, although the latter is referring to Mystique's last name, since Mystique is her foster mother since her childhood in Caldecott County. By doing this, they accidentally allowed Kang (who had helped the future remaining Avengers to travel to the present) to arrive, along with his Chronos Corps, and absorb Exitar's blood, gaining enormous power. [81], After the events of "Schism", Rogue chooses to be on Wolverine's team, noting to Cyclops that he has reached a point where his previous willingness to question his decisions has been replaced by an inability to accept when he might be wrong.

She told him she had a nightmare, before spouting incoherent words and mysterious coordinates.

[23] Desperate, Rogue turns to Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men for help. During Khan's invasion, Rogue was also confronted by Vargas who was said to be "a new species altogether."

[57], Mystique, in keeping with the words of the Destiny Diaries, placed the baby's face in direct contact with Rogue's, with the understanding that Rogue would awaken from her comatose state. [67], Rogue also protects the students during an attack by a Predator X herd by absorbing the powers of multiple students.


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