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HARDY: We wrote it on a Friday, and I was off of work. This is amazing! We’re all like, “Sorry that the schedule got mixed up, but we’re all here. I praise them for being courageous, continuing that trend and putting out something that sonically they had never done before. I had the realization I didn’t want to go 20 or 30 years down the road and say I potentially missed an opportunity. Required fields are marked *. HARDY: My sister went to Belmont, and they went to Belmont, and she was friends with them. BC: You had a recent hit for Florida Georgia Line called “Talk You Out of It.” How did that song come about? BC:  How did you write your new single, “Rednecker?”. I was about to go play golf, and my good friend, Hunter Phelps, who is a writer on it, said. Then, Hillary said I think we should do it like this, and I said I love it. For a while, when I was just a songwriter, I was having to write songs and I didn’t know that I was going to sign a deal or put out music.

HARDY met F.G.L’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley at a party before they skyrocketed to success, and while it took a few years for the three guys to hook back up, when they did it was music magic. We are pleased to present this new Q&A interview with HARDY. And I asked if I can sing on [their record], kind of as a joke. I hadn’t talked to them in about four or five years. I’m super grateful for it. How did you get to know the guys? This year has been a lot of things, but the introduction to HARDY has been such a welcomed bright spot! Here I am!”. I had just started putting songs on hold for myself (as an artist). He even makes an appearance in the “Up Down” video, check it out! I got Tyler Hubbard’s number, and we’d text each other. Simple (Florida Georgia Line song) So Long (Diplo song) Some Girls (Jameson Rodgers song) It wasn’t until about a year-and-a-half ago that I was out on the road running with Florida Georgia Line, and they started getting in my ear and saying, “Dude, you can put out your own music.
Your email address will not be published. We just wrote it like a poem without melody.

HARDY: I think it kind of changed.

Please register to continue listening. She said, “I was slipping and sliding the whole time and thought I was going to wreck.” We were all kind of skeptical to drive into work that day, and not a lot of people were writing that day. There was snow and ice everywhere, and I had a truck, so I could get through it, and I drove to (writer/producer) Mark Holman’s studio, and (hit songwriter) Hillary Lindsey was texting us, “I don’t think I can make it.” I texted her that I had a really good idea, so try as hard as you can to make it. They’re really good at leading off with a new sound.

Around the time we wrote it, I was getting ready to sign a record deal. “I’d love for this to be my first single.” They were cool enough to let me run with it, and I’m glad they did. Impressively, HARDY has co-written Florida Georgia Line’s chart-topper, “Simple,” Morgan Wallen’s number one hit, “Up Down,” and Chris Lane’s Top 20 hit, “I Don’t Know About You.”. Then, towards the end of college, which is probably about five years ago, I kind of wanted to do the artist thing, but then I signed a publishing deal.

It took her about an hour to get there, and she only lives about 20 minutes away. We’ll back you up in any way.” Next thing I knew, Joey Moi (producer & music exec) called me and said he wanted to do a record with me. It was like 3 in the morning, and we were kind of delirious.
A couple of [other artists] wanted to cut it, but I talked with the writers, and said. 1 singles “God’s Country” (Blake Shelton), “Simple” (Florida Georgia Line) and “Up Down” (Morgan Wallen). He is also on Google+. The next thing I knew he said, “Hey, you’re going to sing on their record.” I was like, “Well, that’s just fricking great.” I’m just thankful that they loved it enough to not only cut it, but want me to sing on it as well. Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by ; Act of Being Polite: Homer Flynn, Hardy Fox: The Residents: 1980: Covered by Sebadoh: Bach Is Dead: Homer Flynn, Hardy Fox: The Residents: 1978: Covered by R. Stevie Moore: Don't Lie: Homer Flynn, Hardy Fox: and his mixed feelings over missing out on smash hits.

There was a scheduling error. A few weeks later, we came back to town. (Co-writer) Brad Clawson did a demo, and then I did a demo.

BC: You had another hit with Morgan Wallen’s “Up Down.” How did you co-write this song? HARDY: I wrote that song in January 2018 with Jordan Schmidt and Andy Albert, who are really good writers in town.

Of course we know HARDY from his super clever “Rednecker” and the fate-changing “One Beer” with pal Lauren Alaina, but did you know he had a hand in writing these other nine songs you likely love too? Impressively, HARDY has co-written Florida Georgia Line’s chart-topper, “Simple,” Morgan Wallen’s number one hit, “Up Down,” and Chris Lane’s Top 20 hit, “I Don’t Know About You.”

Jordan Schmidt is a producer as well, so he produced this big sounding track along with it. Seth said, “Tyler (Hubbard) and Brian (Kelley) love it.” I said, “Why don’t they record it?? She was also somewhat connected with the music industry at the time. I was surprised because sonically it was very different for them. BC: Were you surprised by the success of Florida Georgia Line’s “Simple?”.

We wrote that song in Colorado with no music, no guitars or anything. I got used to that for a few years. He remembers you.” My mind was kind of blown. Through the course of two years we would send texts, like second verses and stuff, to each other.

Did you give up any songs that you wish you had on your new EP? Then, “Cruise” came out, and they were gone…they were instantly stars. At the same time, I’m so glad that whoever cut it for themselves that I’ve never really thought twice about it. 1 Single With ‘Got What I Got’. They’re really good about experimenting with new sounds that they haven’t done before. Before his success as a singer, Hardy earned a rep as one of Nashville’s hottest songwriters, having co-penned recent No. Jason Aldean Scores His 24th No. Tyler Hubbard told me he saw your name and heard your voice on some of these songs that we’ve been writing, and he likes the songs and he wanted to keep an eye on you. Then I wrote on the road with them. A chance meeting with the guys of Florida Georgia Line led to life-changing events for rising country singer/songwriter Michael Hardy (better known as simply HARDY). Songs written by Hardy Fox Original songs. I told him, “I don’t know if this is right for me for my first EP because there are four other songs that I really like.” “Y’all Boys” was a weird fit for me, and I don’t know why. I just want to write, and especially now that I have a record deal and being an artist, if I write something I can hold it.


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